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Green Whizz
Kes Reid | Founder of Whizz Kids & Joe

Hi, I’m Kes. As a parent, teacher, sports scientist and volunteer sports event organiser, we need to get our kids moving!

With the increased use of technology, children are entering primary school education without the fundamental motor skills necessary for healthy brain development.

This can lead to them having difficulty reading or writing across a page, gripping a pen or pencil, sitting upright at a desk or having the endurance to last a whole day at school.

I’m passionate about sourcing high quality products that develop co-ordination, balance, and improve sensory processing. Not to mention encouraging them outdoors and building a sense of independence. This gives your child the brain boost they need.


Muddy Child
Meet Sam, he’s 3 years old, has plenty of energy and is a real toughie.
It’s loads of fun, builds my sense of independence and improves my sensory proessing.  Helps develops balance and brain connections and builds my whole body strength.
Balance Bike Adventure Combo
Made from recycled nylon with plenty of gas in the tyres and accessories galore!
I’ll become your kids new best friend and won’t gather dust in the garage. I like to stay in the family so am a great hand me down.

Watch me go!

Green Whizz

Check out some all terrain action from two year old Joe on his Wishbone 3in1 Trike.

He started his biking career aged 1 years old on the trike version.  Aged 2, he was ready to ditch the third wheel and get balancing!

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Green Whizz
Bought my son a Wishbone bike from Whizz Kids Toys. Love the quality products will outlast all the other bikes we bought my first son. Wish we found this product earlier and it’s so great to be able to demo a bike so we could ‘try before we buy’.
LINDA SMITHParent of Keyan and Logan

Couldn’t be more delighted with our first Whizz Kids Toys purchase. The 3 in 1 bike is so well made, robust yet great to look at. As first time grandparents we think we’ve scored a few brownie points with our little one. Thank you so much for launching this range of toys to help our next generation develop healthy play habits and stronger motor skills.

KEITH BADGERGrandfather of Lucy


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