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Spinning, Rocking & Rolling – The Movement Sense

We are all familiar with the 5 senses of sight, sound, hearing, smell and taste. But this 6th sense sometimes called The Movement Sense, is equally as important. It is vital that this system be developed within the early years of a child’s life as co-ordinated movement is fundamental for all life’s activities.
Hornit Airo 12" Balance Bike

Hornit Airo Balance Bike gets podium placing!

We’ve got hold of a racy hot chilli red Hornit Airo to see what we thought of the new kid on the block. My first impression was a really positive one. Straight out of the box, the only thing you needed to do was to straighten the handlebars with the allen key provided. No fiddly fixing of multiple components together.
Little Wheels Lockdown Riders Alfie & Connie Wills

Little Wheels Lockdown Charity Ride

During the summer months, I put together a little virtual charity event for our local riders in Exeter and East Devon. So many children had made massive progress during lockdown with their riding. Some had managed to master their balance bikes…
Exmouth Esplanade Cycle Lane

Exmouth Esplanade Ride

You can't beat a ride alongside the ocean blue. The sounds of the waves against the shore line, the squawking of seagulls, the fresh sea air. Plus a play on the gorgeously golden sands of Exmouth Beach before or after the ride. This route is a must for all budding riders!
Exeter Quay to Riverside Valley Park Ride

Exeter Quay to Riverside Valley Park Ride

In the heart of Exeter City centre, flanked by the Exeter Canal and the River Exe, is a gorgeously lush peice of green space that is perfect for little wheels.
Exe Estuary Cycle Trail - Topsham

Exe Estuary Trail – Topsham

Birds and trains is the theme for this ride. Part of the wonderful Exe Estuary Trail that snakes its way around the Exe Estuary, this section is completely traffic free.
Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Main Section

Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Ride

This is a lovely family friendly ride along the old disused railway line that connected Exmouth to Budleigh Salterton. It runs along National Cycle Route 2 and heads through rolling countryside and woodland. It's the perfect step up for your youngsters who have mastered riding and are wanting to explore a little further on their balance or pedal bikes.
Easter Egg Hunt Activity Cards

Easter Egg Hunt Activity Cards

Easter egg hunts are such a tradition at this time of year and you can't beat watching the anticipation and joy on the kid's faces as they race around the garden or house searching out the elusive Easter eggs. This year, why don't you try a variation on that theme?
Globber Evo Comfort Scooter Lifestyle

Globber Scooters are here!

We are so excited to say that we're now stocking Globber Scooters in our store. We've been testing out our demo models and are pretty impressed with the handling and functionality of them. Founded in 2014 by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the riding & scooter industry, Globber has quickly established itself as a key player in the scooter market.
TRex Exmouth Dinosaur Trail

Are you ready for a Dinosaur Hunt?

Have your young adventurers braved the all new Exmouth Dinosaur Trail which opened in May 2019? Sure to get the heart racing, Exmouth has come alive with pre-historic dinosaurs ready and waiting for you! The perfect motivation to encourage even the most reluctant walker!
WIshbone Mini-Flip Racer Lifestyle

The Wishbone Mini Flip Racer has got new Wheels

This timeless classic, that has been loved by parents and grandparents for years, has been tweaked. The Mini Flip ride-on toy is perfect for use from 9 months old with stable, non-marking, inline wheels. A multi-functional walker that converts to gentle rocker and ride-on in seconds, no tools required. Just turn the latch & flip.
Toddler Sports Games

Simple Toddler Sports Games

We're rolling on into the summer months and there are loads of large scale sports events to inspire you and your kids to get active. We've got the Cricket World Cup and FIFA Women's Football World Cup happening at the moment and Wimbledon tennis…
Movement for Learning

Movement for Learning Project

In a previous post, I've talked about a reduction in the development of gross and fine motor skills that can cause learning problems at school. And this worrying trend was one of the main reasons for starting up my business. Have you heard…
Solvej Baby Toddler Taupe Swing Lifestyle Mother Daughter

Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing – your children will love to hang out in these!

We are so excited to be one of only a handfull of U.K. stockists of the lovingly crafted Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing. The swings are designed and made by Thomas Mortimer (Sweden) and Jenny Etherington (New Zealand), you can spot the scandi…
The Family Network Finalists

We’re Finalists

You've got to be in it to win it and we're delighted to say that we are finalists of The Family Network Business Awards 2019 sponsored by 4CRM in the New Business Category. The Family Network has groups spread over the UK and allows the people…
We're a CIC

We’ve switched to a CIC!

ARGGG...not another acronym!!! What is a CIC?? I founded Whizz Kids Toys Limited as a direct response to the scenario we are seeing more and more of. Children entering the school system not physically ready for learning. I've been a research…
Strider 14X Sport Balance Bike with pedals

Strider 14X Sport Balance Bike with Pedals Hits UK

Strider Balance Bikes have been around for nearly 10 years now and STRIDER® is not the kinda company to rest on their 'good thing'. They're constantly refining their bikes to make them even more awesome based on technological changes and customer…
Balance Bike Licence

Celebrate Success with a Balance Bike Licence

Learning to ride a Balance Bike is a BIG DEAL in the life of a youngster. And it's great to be able to celebrate that success by giving them a Balance Bike Licence. They will feel so proud of themselves and rightly so! It doesn't really…
Which Wheel Size

Which Bike Size Should I Buy?

I was chatting with some parents at a Bike Circuit Event that I was running on the weekend in Devon and several of them were asking which bike size would be best for their children to start riding on? It's a common question so hopefully this…
Motor Skills and Link between Left and Right Brain Blog

Did you know poor Motor Skills Development can Impact your Child’s Learning?

In my previous post  "What are Gross Motor Skills and Why are They Important?", I talked about the importance of motor skills, especially in those early years when your child's brain is developing at warp speed. But, what exactly is the…
Joe and Don at Parkrun

parkrun = Family Fun

Parkrun is about to launch in my home town of Exmouth which my family are super excited about! We discovered parkrun in Australia and loved it as it was an activity that we could all do as a family. As a worldwide initiative, it's mind blowing…
Gross Motor Skills Development

What are Gross Motor Skills and Why are they Important?

My store focuses on toys that develop Gross Motor Skills but what exactly are gross motor skills and why are they important for your child? I've been visiting kindergardens and pre-school centres to give presentations about this topic. The…
Which Balance Bike?
Bowen Junior Triathlon

Tri a Kids Triathlon or Fun Run – there are plenty of events about!

I've just spent the last couple of months working on a local community Kids Triathlon in my small town of Bowen, North Queensland.   I volunteer to run it each year and it's quite inspiring to see our youngsters challenging themselves both…
Training Wheels Blog

Stabilisers are Teaching your Children Bad Habits – Buy a Balance Bike Instead

I'm a child of the seventies and remember, with the nostalgic fuzziness of time, learning to ride a two wheel bike. A rite of passage that most children go through which offers, once mastered, a sense of divine freedom to explore the neighbourhood.…

Using Million Dollar Satellite to Hunt for Boxes in the Woods

Geocaching is a totally real-world outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices as opposed to Pokemon Go which crosses between real and virtual worlds. Your mobile phones are perfect - you don't need to get any more fancy equipment than that!