A collection of great activities to do outdoors with your kids.

TRex Exmouth Dinosaur Trail

Have your young adventurers braved the all new Exmouth Dinosaur Trail which opened in May 2019?

Sure to get the heart racing, Exmouth has come alive with pre-historic dinosaurs ready and waiting for you!

The Exmouth Dinosaur Trail has been really popular over the Summer and is a fantastic way to combine heading outdoors on a family adventure with a top of up dinotastic knowledge! The perfect motivation to encourage even the most reluctant walker!

It’s also a creative way for Exmouth visitors to discover some of the stunning locations of the town.

There are basically three different trails you can go on:

Dinosaur Trail

15 dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes to track down within a 1 mile area of the town centre. Many have fact finder plaques for the curious.

Brass Rubbing Town Trail

15 dinosaur brass rubbings to collect using your paper and crayons within a 1 mile area of the town centre.

Brass Rubbing Explorer Trail

15 dinosaur brass rubbings to collect using your paper and crayons within a wider 3 mile area of the town centre.

Dinosaur Trail
Brass Rubbing Dinosaur Trail
Brass Rubbing Dinosaur Trail

Here’s what you need to know

Red Whizz
  • Get your Dinosaur Trail Map

    Collect yours from any of the following local venues:


    Use an electronic version by clicking on title.

  • For the Brass Rubbing Trails - Take blank paper and crayons along

    You can bring your own blank paper and crayons


    Pay £1 to collect a pack of crayons and paper booklet from any of the locations above.

    Dinosaur Trail Brass Rubbing Pack

  • Collect your Dinosaur Hunter Trail Badge

    Once you’ve completed 15 brass rubbings, or ticked off all the dinosaurs on your map, head back to any of the businesses listed above to claim your FREE  Exmouth Dinosaur Hunter Trail Badge.

    Dinosaur Trail Trail Badge

If you want more information, head over to the official Exmouth Dinosaur Trail website below.

If you like these sorts of activities, with a focus on an outdoor walking adventure, have you tried Geocaching? Head over to our Geocaching blog post to find out all about it.

Keep safe Dinosaur Hunters and enjoy the trails.

Kes Reid
Toddler Sports Games

We’re rolling on into the summer months and there are loads of large scale sports events to inspire you and your kids to get active. We’ve got the Cricket World Cup and FIFA Women’s Football World Cup happening at the moment and Wimbledon tennis just around the corner. We’ve put together a collection of toddler sports themed games for you to try at home.

You’ll probably have most of this equipment lurking around at home so they’ll be no need to buy anything more.

You can play these toddler games indoors or outdoors although don’t pick a windy day for the outdoors choice or you’ll loose your balloon props!

Equipment you will need:

  • Round balloons.
  • Empty cardboard tube from wrapping paper or kitchen towel to use as a cricket bat.
  • Plastic kitchen spatulas or fly swatters for tennis raquets.

Football Keepy-Uppy

Balloon Football Keepy Uppy

This is a good team game where everyone stands in a circle and tries to keep a balloon in the air using football skills.

  • All stand in a circle and try to keep the balloon in the air.
  • Each player is only allowed two touches at a time.
  • Players can use their foot, head, knee or shoulder. Any part of the body really, but try and avoid using the arms and hands.
  • Can you keep it in the air for 5, 10, 20 touches?
  • This is great for numeracy awareness and counting too!

Balloon Batting

Toddler Cricket

Your toddler can use the cardboard tube like a cricket bat with it touching the ground. Or in a baseball bat position (like in the image above).

  • Show them which position to hold it in, either as a cricket bat or baseball bat.
  • Inflate the balloon until it’s relatively hard.
  • Throw the balloon toward their bat.
  • Encourage them to try and hit the balloon in any direction to start with.
  • If they are more confident, try and get them to hit the balloon back to you, the bowler.

This type of hitting across the midline is a great activity for boosting brain connections between the left and right side of the brain. This helps get the two sides of your toddler’s body ‘talking’ to each other to make more co-ordinated movements.

See my post about Motor Skills and the importance of activities like this if you want to find out more behind the science of this.

Have you heard about All Stars Cricket? If your toddler loves this game, you might like to think about signing up at your local cricket club when they’re a bit older. This is for boys and girls aged 5 to 8 years old. It’s a great program to learn the basics of batting and catching and it’s loads of fun.

Cricket All Stars

Balloon Tennis

Toddler Balloon Tennis

Grab your plastic kitchen spatulas or fly swatters to use as tennis racquets.

  • Blow up a balloon with medium to lower pressure to allow it to float a little more. This gives your toddlers more time to make the shot.
  • Using your racquets, hit the balloon back and forth to each other.
  • If you want to make it harder, attach some string across the room between 2 chairs. This makes a net to try and hit the balloon each time to each other.
  • If someone allows the balloon to touch the floor on their side, the person on the other side of the net scores a point.
  • First to 5 wins that game.

See how you go with these 3 activities, my 10 year old still loves playing these games so you don’t have to just restrict them to your toddlers!


Joe and Don at Parkrun

Parkrun is about to launch in my home town of Exmouth which my family are super excited about! We discovered parkrun in Australia and loved it as it was an activity that we could all do as a family. As a worldwide initiative, it’s mind blowing how many parkruns take place every weekend in different corners of the globe.

The idea behind parkrun is simple. The organisation supports a free, weekly, timed walk or run over a 5km course. It encourages all abilities to take part from those just starting out on their exercise journey to the super fit.

The great thing from my perspective is that your kids can join you too, a perfect activity for some family fun. You become the role model for your child in developing great active habits that will go on to have positive life long implications when they are older. Children from the age of 4 and up can register for their own barcode and get their own times although if they are under 11, they do need to run or walk with a responsible adult at all times. Babies and toddlers in buggies are welcome too as well as the furry friends on leads.

After the event, you receive a personalized email with your time and whether it’s a personal best (PB) for you. It’s a great motivator to try and improve your time each week as your fitness improves and kids just love getting this feedback.  For the competitive of you, you can also measure your results against other age group runners or walkers.

parkrun truly is a community event and builds a great community spirit. It relies on local volunteers each week to carry out a few simple roles so it’s a bonus if these are shared around those that regularly take part.

If your child might feel a little intimidated walking or running with lots of adults, there are also Junior parkrun events around the country too. These follow the same concept as the parkrun but the only difference is this event is only for children ages 4 – 14 and the course is 2km not 5km.

Once you join parkrun.org.uk, you can use your barcode for either the 5km or 2km events.


     parkrun logo

Here’s what you do to join:

Step 1: Register online via the Registration Form found on the Parkrun UK website and receive your barcode via email. Print it out and keep it in a safe place.
Step 2: Click to find the parkrun event near you and take a look at the course and where to meet up.
Step 3: Pick any weekend and head down to enjoy the 5km soaking up the views and fun with one of your printed barcodes. Don’t forget to get your bar code scanned at the finish.
Step 4: Your personal time will be emailed to you automatically after the event.

Once you are registered on Parkrun UK, you can join a parkrun anywhere in the world!

Hope to see some of you at the Exmouth parkrun soon,

Kes Reid


Bowen Junior Triathlon

I’ve just spent the last couple of months working on a local community Kids Triathlon in my small town of Bowen, North Queensland.   I volunteer to run it each year and it’s quite inspiring to see our youngsters challenging themselves both physically and mentally to complete a mini triathlon. We have kids as young as 4 years old doing their first ever event and the joy on their faces when they complete the course is just priceless.

Junior Triathlete

For the younger athletes ( 7 & Under), they do a wade in the sea of about 25m, then transition out to collect their bikes and ride 500m.  After that, they head back to transition to deposit their bikes and run 200m to the finish line.

What I love about many of these kids events is that they are totally participation based. They are all winners! Most events like these reward your child’s efforts with a coveted medal and often some merchandise and a few goodies from sponsors to put a big smile on their face.

It is definitely a daunting prospect for some children. Whether it’s a mini triathlon (swim, bike & ride) or duathlon (bike & ride). Aquathon (swim and run) or fun run, it is challenging to be around lots of other children, push yourself harder than you’ve ever done before and try something totally new.  But, the benefits are immeasurable.

Often these events can be done in a team too, so they can try just one part of the event as their first taste of the activity with their mates.  It’s also great at building friendship bonds.

Here’s a few events that are coming up in Queensland for kids:

Bike Park




Every Saturday Parkrun

Location:  Various locations around Australia

Start time: Various

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and  people of every ability are encouraged to take part; from walkers or those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; all are welcomed.  This is a perfect outdoor activity for Mums & Dads with buggies too!

Sunday 6th  Great Barrier Reef 2.3km Star FM Junior Challenge

Location:  Port Douglas, N. Queensland

Start Time:  9am

This is a free event and you can register on the day. This race encourages all shapes, sizes and ages, visitors and locals to join in the fun and dress up or down in the name of the raising money for research for the Great Barrier Reef. Prizes on the day will be on offer for the most outstanding entrants. Winners of each age group for girls and boys will win trophies and every junior will take home a ribbon and certificate.

Sunday 13th Xrace Gold Coast 

Location:  Gold Coast

Start Time: Nippers at 9.40am  Main Start at 10am

XRACE is a mystery adventure race where parent and child aged 6-14 race together, locate and complete 10 mystery challenges; racing the clock and all the other family teams with the fastest and luckiest crowned XRACE champion. The challenges are where the magic is delivered – all designed to strengthen family bonds and deliver bucket-loads of self-esteem to the kids.  Distance covered is about 4km.

Cost for the nippers is $15, Main event: $95 for 2 person(parent and child) or $125 for 2 teams of 2 from one family.

Sunday 13th Hamilton Island Fujifilm Junior Triathlon & Splash and Dash

Location:  Hamilton Island, Whitsundays

Start Time: 7am

This event is for kids aged 4 – 14 years on the beautiful Hamilton Island.  There is a Triathlon of different distances depending on ability or a Splash and Dash (no bike required).  They swim in the resort pool. Cost is $30 and you get a race pack, race singlet and medal for all the competitors.

Saturday 12th Kawana Aquathon

Location:  Kawana Waters, Sunshine Coast

Start Time:  from 9.30am

There are different distances for different age categories with the mini aquathon for 7 – 9 year olds consisting of a 100m swim and 5oom run. Cost is $20.

Sunday 13th  Kool Kids Tri Series

Location:  Kawana Waters, Sunshine Coast

Start Time:  from 6.45am

This event is part of the Gatorade Queensland Tri Series and is for kids aged 7 – 14 years. Cost is $39.50

Sunday 20th Hinterland Junior Bolt

Location: Tamborine Mountain Sports Centre

Start Time: 9am

This event is part of the the Hinterland Sports Festival on Tamborine Mountain, celebrating its 14th year, and welcoming participants from all areas.  In addition to the sports, there are several celebrations and educational activities throughout the mountain community – as well as FREE celebrations including outdoor movies on the mountain. Entry is $15 online, $20 on the day.

Bowen Triathlon




Sunday 11th Kool Kids Tri Series

Location: Raby Bay, Nr. Brisbane   Start Time: from 6.45am

This event is Round 4 of the Gatorade Queensland Tri Series and is for kids aged 7 – 14 years.  Cost is $39.50


Why don’t you see if your youngster would like to give one of these events a go this year?   I’d love to hear all about it if you do.

Kes Reid


“Using Million Dollar Satellites to Hunt for Boxes in the Woods” is how one child described Geocaching – I love that definition!

Geocaching is a totally real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices as opposed to Pokemon Go which crosses between real and virtual worlds.  Your mobile phones are perfect – you don’t need to get any more fancy equipment than that!   Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. It’s fabulous fun for a family outing and there are geocache sites all around Australia and many other countries in the world so it can be done at home or on holiday.

This brings back so many memories of letterbox hunting on Dartmoor in the UK when I was a child. Many a weekend we would search out a letterbox that was hidden amongst the ancient rocky outcrops called Tors. Sometimes we found it, to huge jubilation, and proudly marked our book with the stamp found inside the metal tin or box. And sometimes we didn’t, there are some life lessons in that.  Geocaching is simply a more high tech version of this.

Geocaching is a perfect motivator to get kids out for an adventure in their own environment with all the benefits that that brings. They’re building their stamina and strength as well as experiencing nature which helps create a positive mood and reduce stress. It can be incorporated easily into a family walk. Not to mention problem solving,  map reading and compass skills, all components of the first few years of the school curriculum.

Take a look at this video, created by Geocaching HQ, where kids explain geocaching…it’s completely adorable.

Keen to find out more? Check out www.geocaching.com for the full story or start your Geocaching adventure now by following the 3 steps below:

   Geocaching Logo

Step 1: Create a free Geocaching account

Download the Geocaching® App to your mobile device.

Get it on Google Play

Apple Store Download Button


Explore, find and log geocaches around the world by signing up to the Free Basic membership. This gives you access to all the easy graded caches around the world. You can also get access to more tools to make geocaching even better with a Geocaching Premium membership. This currently costs £24.99 a year and gives you access all cache types.

Step 2: Find a geocache.

Turn on your GPS Location setting on your mobile device and you will see all the Geocache sites around your location. You can view them by Map or by List. Personally I find the map view better. Pick a chosen location by tapping on the screen. There will be a description of the cache location which can be expanded by tapping on the summary. Some of the sites contain little trinket/toys which make the find even more fun. Don’t forget to take a pen and a little something to swap with the trinket that you take. Click Start and away you go,  use the map and compass to try and navigate to its location.

Step 3: Share your experience.

Once you findJoe Geocache Treasure it, sign and date the logbook, re-hide the geocache exactly how you found it, and share your experience online on the App.

This is my son Joe’s treasure that he found on the last school holidays. It’s one of the oldest Geocache sites in Queensland down on the Gold Coast and it’s a beautiful walk up around Burleigh Heads.

We’d love you to share your adventures with us too so tell us how it went if you gave it a try!

Happy high tech real world treasure hunting!

Kes Reid