Celebrate Success with a Balance Bike Licence

Balance Bike Licence

Learning to ride a Balance Bike is a BIG DEAL in the life of a youngster. And it’s great to be able to celebrate that success by giving them a Balance Bike Licence.

They will feel so proud of themselves and rightly so!

It doesn’t really matter what your criteria is for the licence.

  • It could be when they first learn to truely balance on their bikes by lifting their feet off the ground and coasting.


  • When they can confidently bike a certain distance near your home.


  • It could be when they’ve been on their first family bike ride.


  • Completed 5 family bike rides.


I give out these licences to the kids at schools that do Ride a Bike Activities after a block of lessons.

I’m amazed by the improvement that I see in the Nursery and Reception children when they have weekly lessons on bike handling. Learning to negotiate their bikes around gentle and tight bends, over rough surfaces such as rumble strips and up and down hills of our ramp.

Not to mention learning to put on their bike helmets and check their bikes for safety before the ride.

If you have a biker who might be ready to receive their Balance Bike Licence, why not download a high quality A5 PDF printable version below and have an award ceremony at your place soon!



Do leave us a comment below if you’ve used this resource, we’d love to hear how they liked it.

Got a friend who has a budding biker that might be ready for their Balance Bike Licence?  Share this post.  I’m always happy when I know there are lots of ‘Whizz Kids’ around!


Downloadable Balance Bike Licence

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