Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Ride

Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Main Section

This is a lovely family friendly cycle ride along the old disused railway line that connected Exmouth to Budleigh Salterton. It runs along National Cycle Route 2 and heads through rolling countryside and woodland.

It’s a sheltered ride with high hedgerows and woodland later on so this ride is a great one for a windy or cooler day.

It’s the perfect step up for your youngsters who have mastered riding and are wanting to explore a little further on their balance or pedal bikes. The big bonus is that the first section has just been newly tarmacked too so it’s a nice smooth ride for most of it.

There is often livestock such as horses and cattle in the surrounding fields and plenty of bird and insect life in the hedgerows to stop and investigate along the way.

This distance that I’ve marked out on the map below is around 3km as a return trip and is probably a good starting point for your first ride.

At the turn around point, there is a handy picnic bench, nestled under the tall trees. This is a perfect stopping point for some refreshments for hungry and thirsty riders before heading back for home.

As your kids get stronger and build their stamina, they can carry on along the track a little further each time. It continues all the way to Bear Lane in Knowle, Budleigh Salterton EX9 7AQ.


The gravel section has now been tarmacked so it’s a smooth ride from Littleham all the way to Bear Lane in Knowle, Budleigh Salterton EX9 7AQ. This is great news, especially for scooter riders as the gravel is tough going on hard wheels!

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Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Ride
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Starting Points

The main starting point is from Bidmead Close EX8 2TF, off Littleham Road. There is a small car park in the cul-de-sac to leave your car if you drove there.

The path rises up a gentle hill off the Close for a small way, then flattens off as you head under the bridge of Capel Lane and out into the countryside.

Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Entry

Or you can enter the track a little way along from Capel Lane EX8 2PN, off Salterton Road, if you prefer too. This shortens the overall ride distance though.

The entry path from the road slopes down and joins the route avoiding the small starting hill.

You can do this ride in reverse and start from Castle Lane EX9 7AW, just off Salterton Rd. Park on the road and take the pathway down to join the old railway line and turn left. This will take you towards Exmouth.

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Section 1

The majority of the ride in on tarmac so it’s a lovely smooth surface for cruisy cycling.

The track does have a very slight incline as you head out of Exmouth/Littleham. It’s hardly noticeable if you’re walking but if you’re biking, your children might need to stop a few times along the way. It might sap their energy a little more than expected.

The good news is that when you head for home, you’ve got a slight slope downhill to help the tired rider!

At the end of this section is a small bridge to rumble over. Kids love the noise that it makes. This section is about 1.1km in distance one way.

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Section 2

This short section of only about 400 meters is lightly graveled. Riding over this sort of surface takes a little more energy but it’s only a small distance before you reach the second rumble bridge to ride over and then hit the half way point to turn around.

Once over the bridge, you enter a corridor of gorgeous trees that enclose the path. The picnic table is just on the right hand side beyond this bridge.

Hop off the bikes, have some snacks and enjoy the woodland experience before heading back for home.

Slightly downhill too – a big added bonus to help keep those wheels rolling to the end of the ride!

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Ride Stats

Exmouth to Budleigh Cycle Way Ride
  • Total Distance: 3km round trip
  • Section 1 Distance: 1.1km one way
  • Section 2 Distance: 400 meters one way
  • Turn Around Point: Picnic bench under the trees
  • Surface: Smooth tarmac the whole way now. (Used to be part gravel)

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There aren’t any public toilets or cafes nearby so make sure you plan ahead.

Extension Ride

This cycle way runs all the way from Littleham in Exmouth to Bear Lane in Knowle, Budleigh Salterton EX9 7AQ. As your rider gets stronger and fitter, you may like to do the whole route. It’s nearly 4km (2 1/2 miles) one way.

Littleham to Budleigh Cycle Way

Happy riding! I’d love to hear how you went.

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