Little Wheels Lockdown 2020 Ride

Trikes – Balance Bikes – Pedal Bikes – Scooters

The Little Wheels Lockdown 2020 Ride is all about boosting the morale of all our littlest riders out there and helping to keep them active.

No nurseries, kindergardens, clubs or toddler groups, activities or school for so long.

Lockdown 2020 has been tough for our little people.

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What does the Event Involve?

You and your whizz kids will pick a course/s to ride on either balance bikes, pedal bikes, scooters or even trikes.

I’ve mapped out 4 different ride courses in Exeter, Topsham and Exmouth that are suitable for children from the ages of 2 to about 6 years old. They range from 2.2km to 3km in length.

You know your child’s ability. If you have a 7 year old who finds riding a 3km route a challenge, then sign them up. If you have a real whizz, that completing the course will be a walk in the park, then perhaps think again about registering them.

Register your child for the ride and when they complete it, they will receive a ‘Lockdown 2020 I’m a Whizz Kid’ medal and certificate in the post.

The event is completely FREE although there is a voluntary donation to help raise much needed funds for a charity close to our hearts, Whizz-Kidz. They work tirelessly to help disabled children have the freedom that they crave.

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  • Pick a Medal Level

    Gold for 3 rides, Silver for 2 rides or Bronze Medal for 1 ride.  You know your child’s ability. Each course is between 2.2km and 3 km. It’s good that it’s a challenge but it has got to be achievable.

  • Ride at your own pace

    This is not a race, it’s about discovering new rides, challenging yourself and using your determination to finish. It’s a family adventure so take time to stop and observe nature or have some food and drink. No ones timing you.

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How to I Register my Child?

Click on your chosen Medal Level, and follow the instructions to register your child.

If you have more than more child, select the number of medals at various levels you would like on the same registration.

We only have Limited Medals


Register your Child by 5th July 2020

Registration Now Closed

Complete your Ride by 31st July 2020

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