All children develop their motor skills and build up strength in their legs and arms at different rates. They also vary in height considerably at age milestones so it’s hard to give a definitive answer to this one. They need to be able to control the handle bars for safe steering and co-ordinate left and right legs to push off the ground, as well as be tall enough to sit in the seat.

The safest riding position is with both feet flat on the ground and a slight bend in the leg. So, it really depends on how tall your child is, the length of their legs and their level of co-ordination.

The best thing is to measure the inside leg and substract a couple of cm to allow for the leg bend. That is the seat height that they can sit on the saddle and safely ride with both feet flat on the ground with a slight leg bend. Take a look at the graphic below that highlights the different seat heights of the bikes we stock.

Wishbone Original and Recycled Editions can be used from 12 months onwards as they are stable 3 wheelers to start with. To progress to a two wheel balance bike, either Ridgeback or Wishbone, some children may be ready from around the age of 2 years although others may take longer.

Don’t worry if initially they seem to be just taking the balance bike for a walk.  It’s takes them a while to get the hang of the ‘balance thing’ and start coasting along. If they are not keen, put it aside and wait until they are ready, it’s all about fun!

Bike Seat Height Comparison Chart

Wishbone Original Minimum
Wishbone Original Maximum
Wishbone RE Minimum
Wishbone RE Maximum
Wishbone Cruise Minimum
Wishbone Cruise Maximum
Ridgeback Scoot 12" Minimum
Ridgeback Scoot 12" Maximum
Ridgeback Scoot XL 14" Minimum
Ridgeback Scoot XL 14" Maximum

Air tyres offer a much better riding performance. The bike is springy, and therefore, much more comfortable.  The rubber tyres have good grip on the surface and your child will experience less vibrations through their body.

Solid polyurethane (PVA) tyres don’t have as much spring or grip as the air tyres.  These types of tyres are best used on smooth surfaces such as playgrounds/skate parks/concrete tracks. You have lower maintenance but the trade off is a less comfortable ride.

Wishbone Bikes all have air tyres and Strider Bikes start with foam filled tyres which can be upgraded to air tyres when they are little older and be able to handle the extra weight.

Your STRIDER BIKE will come with two different length seatposts, 220mm and 305mm. Older/bigger riders will benefit by using the XL seatpost.

When should I use the XL seatpost?
Typically when a child is 3 ½ years old they will benefit from the XL Seatpost. The seat height range for the XL Seatpost is 41-48cm (16-19″).

Handlebar height should be at the lowest setting for 18 month – 2 year olds, mid-height for 3 – 4 years old, and at the highest setting for 4 years and older. Typically, you want the handlebars to be about mid-torso.

Just email us with details of the replacement part that you need. It may be a new tyre or wheel or smaller components.  Most products have at least a 1 year warranty but after a few years of play, you may need a few little things replaced.  We’ll email you back with a price and organize shipping to keep your kids on the go!

All mobile toys should be inspected fairly frequently to make sure there are no loose pieces and keep your little ones safe.  Normal wear and tear may make them loosen.

It’s best to store your vehicles indoors or undercover. Rain,  U.V. light and extremes of temperature are never good for either wooden or synthetic material.

The wooden toys can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a wood wax or polish every now and then.  This maintains the wood finish. The synthetic materials can be cleaned with normal water-soluble detergent.

Standard bicycle lubricant can be used around the wheels if they don’t spin freely.

Wishbone Bikes:  It’s recommended to keep any air tyres inflated to 20psi, no more.

Strider Bikes: The maximum tyre inflation is 35psi with the Air Tyres.  Foam filled tyres don’t need any inflation.


All our products can be back ordered.  Email or use the Contact Us Form to get an indication of the time wait or simply go through the transaction process and we will email you with the expected delivery times.  We won’t keep you waiting more than 10 working days before shipment unless in exceptional circumstances.

Delivery varies depending on location.  We use the nation wide Yodel Direct service for large items and Royal Mail for smaller items. Some smaller accessories can be shipped in with the bike box.

Mainland UK:  2 working days for Standard Delivery,  1 working day for Express Delivery.

Remote Mainland UK and Islands:  3- 5  working days for Standard Delivery

N.Ireland: 3- 5  working days for Standard Delivery

Yodel Direct deliver from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday and require a signature on delivery. Please make sure that you provide a delivery address which will be attended for the whole day.  You may request your parcel be left at a neighbour’s house if no one is home. Please specify in the Order Notes if required.  If no one is home, a card will be left with the option to:

a) re-deliver the package the next day or,

b) call and re-direct to a different address.

We like to make sure that the goods are packaged carefully before they leave us but if there is damage in transit,  email or phone us with 3 days with a photo of the damaged package and your name, order number and contact details.

We will arrange for a replacement or refund.

Yodel Direct deliver from 8am until 6pm and require a signature on delivery. Please make sure that you provide a Delivery Address which will be attended for the whole day.

If Yodel cannot obtain a delivery receipt at the Delivery Address they will attempt to deliver the Consignment to, or obtain a delivery receipt from, an alternative address close to the Delivery Point. If successful, they will leave you a card with details of the address where they have delivered the Consignment.

If they are unable to deliver, either to the Delivery Address or a nearby address, the Consignment will return to their premises and a request for you to contact them to make alternative delivery arrangements will be left.

Most Royal Mail items do require a signature on delivery. If no one is home, a card will be left for collection at your local Post Office.

If you are a Kindergarden, School or other child care facility and are looking to place a bulk order, get in contact by email or phone to discuss your order. There are bulk order discounts available.  DO NOT ORDER ONLINE.

I recommend wiping a very small amount of liquid detergent on the handles of the Wishbone bikes before you slide on the hand grips.  Makes it much easier a process.  If you add too much though, the handles will spin round.  You just need to wipe off the excess if this is the case.

Fabric:The fabric does not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric. Therefore regular cleaning is important to keep your fabric looking good. This is more likely to occur in humid climates and/or when the swing is hung outside under cover and is not naturally cleaned by the rain and sun.

When used in permanent outdoor situations the canvas should be brushed and hosed regularly to remove dust, bird droppings, etc. and other solid particles.

Water borne stains such as coffee, tea, red wines, etc. should be treated first by rinsing in cold water. If this is not sufficient, the canvas may be washed with  a mild solution of soap (not detergent) in lukewarm water (max 38C, 100F) and rinsed thoroughly.

Stubborn soiling may require treatment with a non-chlorine bleach.

Wood: All timber goes naturally grey when exposed to the weather. If you wish to slow down the process of the timber going grey, oil often with any non toxic outdoor oil. Oil and wood are both organic matter. If dirt or other organic substances such as food, pollen or saliva are left on the wood it may go mouldy and the mould could enter the wood. This is more likely to occur in humid climates and/or when the swing is hung outside under cover and is not naturally cleaned by the rain and sun. Wipe down the bars regularly and especially when it has had dirty or sticky hands on it or been sucked on.

There are products on the market that will restore wood that has gone grey to its original colour if you want to.

The carbine clips make it very easy to move your swing so if you want to keep it looking it’s best, simply store inside after each use.

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