Easter Egg Hunt Activity Cards

Easter egg hunts are such a tradition at this time of year and you can’t beat watching the anticipation and joy on the kid’s faces as they race around the garden or house searching out the elusive Easter eggs.

This year, why don’t you try a variation on that theme?

I’ve created 8 Easter themed movement cards for you to download. Print out the two pages and cut them into the 8 cards. 

Place them around the garden or within the home. Start at one card and get your little ones to do that movement until they find the next card. Then do the movement on the 2nd card until they find the 3rd one and so on. Hide some eggs close to each card for them to discover when they get there.

That way, they’re building their motor skills and burning off some energy before they scoff their Easter treats.

I’d love to hear how the activity went with your kids. Drop me a line, video or picture.

Happy Easter to all those Whizz Kids out there!