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Exmouth Esplanade Cycle Lane

You can’t beat a ride alongside the ocean blue. The sound of the waves against the shore line, the squawking of seagulls, the fresh sea air. Plus a play on the gorgeously golden sands of Exmouth Beach before or after the ride. This route is a must for all budding riders!

The Exmouth Esplanade is a shared pathway for some of the way so its important to be wary of other users, especially when you have a young inexperienced rider.

If this is your first time riding this route, I’d try and pick a time when it might be a little quieter as it can get quite busy during peak weekend hours.

Make sure that you don’t pick a windy day either. It’s an exposed course and a strong head wind or side wind that whips up the sand can turn a lovely family outing into a painful experience!

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Exmouth Esplanade Cycle Ride Map
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Starting Points

The starting point for this ride is the Ice Cream Kiosk on the Esplanade, just opposite Queens Drive Space, EX8 2AY.

Ice Cream Kiosk Exmouth Esplanade

There are two public car parks nearby, one just along from Queens Drive Space and one further along the Esplanade by the RNLI building. There are also plenty of on-street parking bays all the way along the Esplanade.

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Section 1

The whole ride is on tarmac so it’s a good surface for cruisy riding. Stormy weather does tend to whip up a bit of sand onto the pathway so it’s best to avoid this ride straight after some nasty weather.

Exmouth Esplanade Cycle Lane

This section of the ride has two sides to the pathway separated by a small concrete hump for most of the way. One side is for cyclists and the other for walkers. It’s always a little tricky when you are taking a toddler or pre-schooler along here to know which side to let them ride on. If you are walking along with them, I’d have them on the walkers side. If you are all riding together, stick to the the bike side.

This two lane section runs for about 700 meters one way and finishes just by the RNLI Lifeboat Station.

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Section 2

Exmouth Esplanade near Orcombe Point

Follow the pathway that skirts to the left of the RNLI building as this gives you plenty of room. The walkway that goes to the right has a narrowish tight corner which can be a little dangerous on the bike.

This second section of approximately 800 meters one way is a shared pathway. It’s nice and wide but keep a close eye on your rider as you head down here. You often get people heading out of their cars and cutting across the pathway without really looking.

Exmouth Esplanade Orcombe Point

The turnaround point is the very obvious cluster of flag poles by Orcombe Point.

You may want to stop and grab some refreshments here at Bumble and Sea. Or head on back the way you came for a well earned ice cream!

If you wanted to start down at Orcombe Point, you can do the course in reverse.

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Ride Stats

Exmouth Esplanade Cycle Lane
  • Total Distance: 3km
  • Section 1 Distance: 700 meters one way
  • Section 2 Distance: 800 meters one way
  • Turn Around Point: Flag Poles at Orcombe Point
  • Surface: Tarmac the whole way.

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There are public toilets just between Budgens and Exmouth Rowing Club although they may still be closed due to COVID-19.

You can grab a cuppa from either the Ice Cream Kiosk or the other end at Bumble and Sea.

If you have brought a picnic, the tables and seating at Queens Drive Space is a perfect spot for it.

Happy riding! I’d love to hear how you went.

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