The Wishbone Mini Flip Racer has got new Wheels

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Wishbone Design Studio LogoWishbone Design Studio have given the Wishbone Mini Flip a new spin.

This timeless classic, that has been loved by parents and grandparents for years, has been tweaked.

The Mini Flip ride-on toy is perfect for use from 9 months old with stable, non-marking, inline wheels. A multi-functional walker that converts to gentle rocker and ride-on in seconds, no tools required. Just turn the latch & flip.

An added benefit is that you get handy bar protectors so your paint stays on the walls while cruising round the house. I know that my walls have taken a serious beating over the years with our kids and their toys!

You can also set the top to two different height positions to extend its use as your child grows.

It comes in a variety of colours to match your childs favourite colour or the room theme.

Wishbone Mini flip Red

Well, let me introduce to you the all new Wishbone Mini Flip Racer

Wishbone Mini Flip Racer Wheel Base

The Wishbone Mini Flip Racer has exactly the same top and handle bars as the original Mini Flip. It just has a different base.

The base with inline scooter wheels is replaced with a base similar to the Wishbone Flip. It has caster wheels that allow 360 degree spins and drifts.

Spinning is a great way to stimulate the vestibular system which is essential in helping your child maintain their posture, spacial orientiation and balance.

Kids can now have a full range of movement on this ride-on rather than the forwards and backwards movement of the inline wheels.

It’s recommended for toddlers from the ages of 12 months upwards.

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