“Using Million Dollar Satellites to Hunt for Boxes in the Woods” is how one child described Geocaching – I love that definition!

Geocaching is a totally real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices as opposed to Pokemon Go which crosses between real and virtual worlds.  Your mobile phones are perfect – you don’t need to get any more fancy equipment than that!   Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. It’s fabulous fun for a family outing and there are geocache sites all around Australia and many other countries in the world so it can be done at home or on holiday.

This brings back so many memories of letterbox hunting on Dartmoor in the UK when I was a child. Many a weekend we would search out a letterbox that was hidden amongst the ancient rocky outcrops called Tors. Sometimes we found it, to huge jubilation, and proudly marked our book with the stamp found inside the metal tin or box. And sometimes we didn’t, there are some life lessons in that.  Geocaching is simply a more high tech version of this.

Geocaching is a perfect motivator to get kids out for an adventure in their own environment with all the benefits that that brings. They’re building their stamina and strength as well as experiencing nature which helps create a positive mood and reduce stress. It can be incorporated easily into a family walk. Not to mention problem solving,  map reading and compass skills, all components of the first few years of the school curriculum.

Take a look at this video, created by Geocaching HQ, where kids explain geocaching…it’s completely adorable.

Keen to find out more? Check out for the full story or start your Geocaching adventure now by following the 3 steps below:

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Step 1: Create a free Geocaching account

Download the Geocaching® App to your mobile device.

Get it on Google Play

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Explore, find and log geocaches around the world by signing up to the Free Basic membership. This gives you access to all the easy graded caches around the world. You can also get access to more tools to make geocaching even better with a Geocaching Premium membership. This currently costs £24.99 a year and gives you access all cache types.

Step 2: Find a geocache.

Turn on your GPS Location setting on your mobile device and you will see all the Geocache sites around your location. You can view them by Map or by List. Personally I find the map view better. Pick a chosen location by tapping on the screen. There will be a description of the cache location which can be expanded by tapping on the summary. Some of the sites contain little trinket/toys which make the find even more fun. Don’t forget to take a pen and a little something to swap with the trinket that you take. Click Start and away you go,  use the map and compass to try and navigate to its location.

Step 3: Share your experience.

Once you findJoe Geocache Treasure it, sign and date the logbook, re-hide the geocache exactly how you found it, and share your experience online on the App.

This is my son Joe’s treasure that he found on the last school holidays. It’s one of the oldest Geocache sites in Queensland down on the Gold Coast and it’s a beautiful walk up around Burleigh Heads.

We’d love you to share your adventures with us too so tell us how it went if you gave it a try!

Happy high tech real world treasure hunting!

Kes Reid
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